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Are You Kind?

Medical Cannabis Team

Our team has extensive knowledge of the cannabis product and derivatives we offer which allows them to help you match the product to your personal condition.

Clean Medicine

We work closely with growers and processors to ensure all of our medicine is tested, clean, and safe.

The Right Experience

Every time you visit our Glenpool dispensary in person or online, you will have a good experience We strive to be customer friendly at all times.

Premium Online Experience

Our clients love our easy to use website and all of its benefits.

Our Dispensary's Products Are Tested

Although Glenpool Oklahoma laws regarding medical cannabis do not require testing the THC and CBD levels in medically sold product, we believe that our clients should know exactly what they are getting with their purchase. All of our medical cannabis and CBD oil products have been lab tested for content and quality. We will not offer product that does not meet our standards or cannot keep consistent quality.

An Alternative Source For A Healthy Lifestyle

Medical Cannabis could be shown to have kind health benefits

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Glenpool Dispensary Reviews From Our Clients

We are proud of our customer service skills and we strive to help each and every person that enters our dispensary. We know that many people may feel a little uneasy at first, so the first thing we do is try to make them feel comfortable. Once they are comfortable, we dedicated the necessary time to help them select what they need to achieve their goals. The happiness of each one of our clients is very important to us, and it shows in our reviews.

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