A Beginner’s Guide on Using & Growing Medical Marijuana

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growing medical marijuana

Medical marijuana in Oklahoma has been legal for over six months. As cannabis use for medical purposes becomes more widely accepted in the state, it is essential that patients and growers follow the laws regarding this alternative medicine. Failure to follow these simple laws could result in legal problems for the patient or grower.

What Patients Need To Know About Medical Marijuana In Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma has made it very simple to qualify for a medical marijuana license. However, the state does require that you have a license to use this product. Failure to have a valid license for medical cannabis use could result in fines or jail time depending on the offense.

For adults to qualify for a medical marijuana license in Oklahoma they must:

  • Have a medical necessity form prepared by their medical care provider. Their doctor must use the state provided form which can be obtained from the licensing website. The entire form must be completed, including their medical practice information.
  • Submit proof of residency and identification. Your proof must include a picture ID such as your driver’s license or a state-issued identification card. You must copy both the front and the backs of these cards to submit with your application.
  • Submit a digital file of your photo. The photo should be a headshot only. This picture will be used on your medical marijuana identification card.

The same information is applied to minor patients with the exception that an additional caregiver identification is issued to the adult in charge of administering medical marijuana to the minor.

The cost of the application is $100 for a two-year license. Medicaid and Medicare recipients can apply for only $20 for the two-year permit. License applications, if approved, are processed within two weeks of receipt.

Growing Medical Marijuana In Oklahoma

You can grow medical cannabis in Oklahoma if you are licensed. The state requires that you meet the following criteria to obtain a grower’s license:

  • You are at least 25 years of age and are a resident of Oklahoma
  • Any partners and employees of the business live in Oklahoma
  • If a partner lives outside of Oklahoma, they cannot have more than a 25 percent share in the business
  • You must be registered to conduct business within the state of Oklahoma

You must submit the grower application with all supporting documents and an application fee of $2,500 to the state. The state is approving applications within 30 days of receipt. Growing marijuana without this license is against the law and can result in severe penalties or incarceration.

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