Marijuana Consumption Methods for Medical Patients

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Marijuana Consumption Methods

Ways of Consuming Medical Marijuana


Patients using medical marijuana have several choices on how to consume this medicinal product. The delivery method you choose can have an impact on how quickly you feel relief from your symptoms or how long the relief will last.


The most common delivery method for medical marijuana in Tulsa is through the use of a vaporizer or vape device. Preloaded cartridges of medical marijuana oil are dispensed, and the patient places the cartridge in the appropriate device and uses it to inhale the marijuana vapor.

This method is not as harsh feeling on the throat or lungs as smoking the dried flower itself and provides almost instant relief from your medical condition. You can vape medical marijuana several times a day for continued relief.

Dried Flower

Some patients prefer medical marijuana in Tulsa in its most natural state, dried flowers. This can be consumed through smoking or by adding it to recipes as a spice or additional ingredients. Depending on how it is consumed will depend on how quickly it reacts with your body.

Marijuana Oil

You may also prefer to use pre-measured marijuana oil. This oil can be mixed into drinks, food, or consumed raw. The oil, when consumed has an almost immediate effect on the body. You need to consume very little of the oil at any given time because it is very concentrated.


Several edibles have been made with medical marijuana. These edibles, usually in the form of candies, makes it much easier for people to consume medical marijuana if they are unable to vape or smoke it and they do not like the earthy taste of the oil. Edibles are very potent and should only be consumed as directed.

Many people who are just beginning to use medical marijuana to treat their medical condition may wish to experiment with different delivery methods to see which one best suit their condition. Every person will experience the effects of medical marijuana

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